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You might know a little bit about SEO techniques and e-marketing, or you are a professional guru. In all cases it doesn't hurt to keep your SEO Skills up-to-date.

Top 5 SEO Techniques to really focus on
  • Quality Content - Good content is King
  • Website Structure
  • Good Descriptive Titles and Meta Tags
  • Keyword Research and Planning
  • Quality Inbound links
Some very useful free SEO Optimisations tips for your website that make just plain sense and will boost your website's rankings overnight.

What is SEO all about? - The Meaning of SEO

White Hat top 10 SEO Tips and Techniques

  1. Design websites for humans not search engines
  2. Design a professional website and make it search engine friendly
  3. Export your web pages in HTML if you are using a company CMS system
  4. Make sure all your web pages are reachable from at least one link
  5. Create a site map but keep it to less than 100 links per page
  6. Your titles, descriptions and keywords should reflect the content of your web page
  7. Avoid using common images used by other agencies for websites
  8. Design and use images that are relevant to your website
  9. Do not steal other people's work, write your own content in your own words
  10. Avoid paid listings, links from non paid websites have greater results

Plus another 10 more free Search Engine Optimisation tips

  1. Employ an ethical white hat seo company like White Hat Works - obvious thing to say!
  2. White hat techniques last longer compared to black hat tricks
  3. Avoid getting your website penalised and stick to clean website design methods
  4. A good website is also a website that has the know how to sell its products
  5. SEO marketing isn't just about search engines it's about converting visitors into sales
  6. Typically 5% to 10% of your visitors to your website should convert into a sale
  7. Get help from White Hat Works to achieve search engine optimisation e-marketing
  8. Contact us for your free analysis of your website
  9. Don't use Black Hat techniques, use White Hat Techniques
  10. If your website is to use duplicated content do not alter it.

Plus spelling errors cost dearly. Make sure you use a spelling checker before you publish.

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