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SEO versus PPC

Keyword Market Research


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Hands on experience in keyword research and analysis, website evaluation, on page and off page search optimisation techniques

At White Hat SEO Works we offer the following SEO E-Marketing Services
  • Experience in SMO (Blog promotion, book marking, RSS feed promotion)
  • Pay per Click (PPC) Strategies / Campaigns
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics
  • Urchin Packages and other analytics tools
  • Capable of optimising static, dynamic as well as CMS based websites
  • Capability in managing successful campaigns and teams

Our Marketing Services cover all UK Cities
Our Marketing Services cover
all UK Cities

We offer many years of experience in handling keyword research tools like Google Analytics, Google adwords, Overture & Keyword Discovery

We have a plan to get your website placed in top positions by the search engines. The way we do it is in real time not in one hit, as if you did that Google will ban your website for 3 months of even worse forever and you will have to obtain a new name and start all over again from scratch.

For a fee of 2,900 and above you will get SEO work for not just your website but for your Micro Sites, which we will create and design for you and we will target specific markets if that be retail, holidays, travel, banking, car leasing, bathroom equipment, toys, fashion, shoes, services to name it. Then these Microsites will all point to the mother of all websites your main website.

If your websites were to have just 6,000 visitors each a month, times by 10 microsites then you are looking at 60,000 visitors a month or 600 to 1,800 sale leads. What would happen if you had 50,000 visitors a month per website times by 10? If you are in business for long term, we know how to get you there.

All you need to worry about is converting the sale leads

If you ask can we do this for you? Yes we can. For example we currently are working on a website that gets over 1,000,000 visitors a year. When we worked on the Tightsplease website - that one was doing 200 to 250 sales a day!

SEO work can start as little as 700 a month, but that will take several months to get you anywhere. It's up to you how fast you want to see your website up into the top rankings where 85% of all sales are generated.

If you need anything else explained please do let us know.

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White Hat Works E-Marketing Services
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